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Many of my orders come through during the week. But almost none on Saturday or Sunday. Anyone else?

Many of my orders come through during the week. But almost none on Saturday or Sunday. Anyone else?

Saturday is my weakest day, for sure. It depends on the type of gig you have. My main gig is more of a professional need, so it makes sense that the weekend would be a bit slower.

That makes sense.

my largest day is monday and my weakest day is for sure Saturday, when i first signed up, Saturday was my largest days. i don’t mind though, i like slow weekends

Most people tend to come here to outsource stuff for their business. This being the case, the logical thing to expect would be that they have off on Saturdays and Sundays. Honestly, I seem to get orders on any particular given day. Sometimes I get a ridiculous volume of orders and other times, barely any. As another has said though, it kind of depends what you offer.

It definitely depends on the nature of services a seller offers. For example, I am engaged into the fortune telling/spiritual healing category, so it’s rational to expect an increase from Friday to Sunday morning. Clients are off for the weekend as a rule & they spend some time ordering for insight or recreation.

I’ve been active on fiverr for 2 weekends already & I have a total of 30 orders.During my first weekend I’ve received 9, 3 or 4 during the weekdays and around 18 orders this weekend. So, I can definitely say that it really depends on the nature of the service.

Just my two cents… :slight_smile:


Sunday evening is generally very active for me, especially in time zones that are far ahead of me. I make it a point to be available late Sunday night (after 11pm) into early Monday morning (up to 2am). 11pm Sunday for me is 7,8,9,10 or 11am Monday for someone else.

I am a video producer, and I experience slow weekends as well.

Most of my customers are ordering videos for their businesses thus when in office.


I create art and do story book illustrations and generally, there are no real slow days. But if I had to choose one day, Saturday is definitely the slowest time for sure. Things usually pick up again on Sunday night.