Many ppls ask to do extra options without order them


What you do when it happen? Buyers are like “Thanks for your work! Do those extras for free, then i will give a positive feedback” Its like we have to do FREE works to get a feedback? Also some ppls order single gig and ask to do a $100 wroth works, also wanted to done in 12h without paying extra Or express

How you manage those kinda situations? Please advice


Yeah she pretty much summed things up — stick to your rates and stick to your guns. It can be very annoying and in some cases, nightmare clients may even become harassing and start messing with your reviews. The screen shots are a pretty good idea.

Likewise, it can just as easily happen with a buyer in which a seller springs the same gimmicks to get extra so its best to keep things up front and don’t do anymore than you are willing to do. That is the key. Its only 5.00 after all and you have control as to what will be done and won’t be.