Many sellers in the "buyer request" feature


I sometimes get annoyed when visiting the “buyer request” feature, where we should be able to meet potential buyers instead of desperate sellers and offer their services. Why no action on this matter?


sometimes they are new sellers, they don’t know how to start… and sometimes old sellers do intentionally… we can report or flagged them so they will be in Fiverr notice.


I feel you, it can be annoying since it takes extra time away from reading the true buyer requests… I feel like most of the sellers who post on there do so unintentionally, perhaps they are newer to the site and don’t fully understand what Buyer Requests are for…? Sure, there’s also the sellers that do know better and do it anyway, but you’ll find people that “swim against the current” everywhere… :slight_smile:


New sellers and sometimes - sellers trying to get your quotes and offers base or worst: make you spend your daily offers. It’s sad but I’m on Fiverr for years now and this thing is getting worst.


This is not a bug. :beetle: your post has been moved. This is an ongoing issue with sellers not giving a hoot! :owl:


Thats the most annoying issue. When we go for applying buyer request and saw that all the seller are applying their sales post


This is so annoying :expressionless:


I hope fiverr can control it because the more days there are more sellers there and it’s very annoying.