Many thanks to all of you! I went level 2 last week!


Hello Fiverr Forum Community,

When I set up my gig in April I thought it was going to go gangbusters. Let’s face it, there are sellers who make a quick splash, and those are the stories we seem to hear most (or maybe just focus on). My story was, and is, one of getting of Fiverr almost every day, responding to buyer requests, etc. I certainly haven’t gotten rich. I haven’t quit my day job. My stats and sales are actually dropping and I can’t figure out why…

BUT, I finally made it to level 2 last week!

I’m not sure I’ll maintain it with the new rules and my sales and clicks dropping, but I’m not giving up. I added a gig I’ve been wanting to add for a while. I invested everything I’ve made so far on Fiverr back into my business, upgrading equipment and taking trainings on marketing and technicals to become the best voice over artist I can.

It was a long road to level 2, and I’m getting that it’s going to be a long road to telling my boss I’m done making money for him so I can focus on building my own business full time. But the rewards are trickling in. I’ll keep plugging away.

Anyway, thanks to so many on the forum for your encouragement and advice. I have every intention of continuing to build my business and break away from the competition, and your words have been invaluable.

So, anyone need voice work???



Welcome to level 2 seller club :v:


Congrats…Keep up the good work!


Congratz.although its becoming more difficult to maintain level 2 than getting it now a days


Congratulations. Best wishes for your continued success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Well done and here’s to more success in the future! :sunny::slightly_smiling_face: