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Many Views But Yet No Order. Why

I have many impressions and views but no orders. Why?


Hi there,
It happens buddy
Wait and do continue try
You will have good news soon

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Thank you mate I appreciate that

If I put myself in a client’s shoes, I have one simple question:

Can you prove those pictures are yours?

I see 2 different signatures in your pictures, no link to an online portfolio or something, a description that is written with so few words showing that you didn’t even try, and no proof that your "sketch it’s on Fanta cans right now in the whole Greece. "

Therefore I will take your gig with a grain of salt. 99.99% I would move on to someone else.

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It could be many factors.

Try making your gig description as precise as possible. (Hire a writer if you feel the need)

Enter the proper tags

Revise your title

You may be getting a lot of views because the people you have currently targeted are curious but they may not be looking for the service you offer. In other words, target the right audience and you should be fine.

Hope this helps!

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That was so helpful to be honest. You made some good points there.

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Thank you for your help

I am glad you took it as advises and not as trying to hurt you.

I got your message about changing your gig. While it’s nice you included the Instagram thing, I don’t think it’s allowed. I’d say it’s better to create a portfolio on Flickr with all your pics there.

According to Fiverr

The following URLs may be used in your profile or Gig description:

Also, you need to create a more beautiful description. Look at other illustrators that are successful and see how they make it. Try to make it even better. Use bold text, highlight, and all the other stuff to make it look good.

You have nice talent as an artist, but you need to work on your marketing, which is important for selling yourself.

Thank you so much for your help.