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Many views with no sales

hello my people, am a student in USA, i got into fiverr in the last 7 days and i created a gig since that time without sales but people use to view my gig, please i need some buyers for my gig and i promote to social network, thanks.

Every new seller has to go through a period like this. Just because you created a gig does not mean you will get sales right away. Some newcomers have to wait weeks if not month for their first sale. All is based on clients needs or demand. The only thing you can do is respond to buyer requests, keep promoting your gig on social media and in the forum under “My Fiverr Gigs”! But most of all be PATIENT!!!

Also you might want to ad some other gigs, whatever you think you are good at!!! Welcome to Fiverr and good luck !!! :-h

Keep submitting offers to buyers requests and maybe add more tags…think about the name of the gig, the picture, the video…etc.

Wish you the best :slight_smile:

We’re on the same boat my friend. I get views, but no orders. Just keep the faith and you’ll get an order soon!

i got my own first and second sales from buyer request, you need to be posting your gig continuously