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Manyglyphs is Out

So I was right when I decided not to take this thread seriously.

For those of you who are just reading and not replying, you now have a full understanding of what Fiverr is like and the kind of community they attract. When your hard work is taken away from you, just remember you were warned.

You all have a nice day.

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But before you go, one more question…

This thread is full of people who can help you.

Whatever you were doing was not working. You got demoted and are having problems with gigs. I find it interesting that rather than asking one question or person for advice you prefer to rage, then snap at people who can help you.

Frankly, I think you are loving the drama of this, after all, to accept that you need guidance and ask for it is not consistent with the little fit you are throwing.

How about you discuss what you will do to fix your situation and make the fiverr rules work for you?

Can you do that?

Just a @eoinfinnegan said, at some point, I am sure I will have a bad month and get demoted. But
so what? I will keep working hard, refocus and work my butt off to get it back the following month I will not even mention it here, let alone act out about it.


You too Mr. Man Symbols. The same goes for all of the pretty girls featured in your gig images.


This thread is full of people who can help you.

This thread is full of top-rated sellers who thoroughly enjoy watching other sellers react to their accounts and hard work being destroyed.

Have a nice life, Out.

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Umm. I’m not a “TRS” seller. Heck, I’m even ranked lower than you. You might want to re-think your comment. It appears to be inaccurate.


I am not a Top Rated Seller and I do see some trying to help you in this thread (like @eoinfinnegan) and I don’t see people enjoying your problems, I see them watching your reactions. Instead of trying to fix the problem, you are just having a meltdown. There are so many things you could do to improve the situation.

I see that you haven’t made a delivery in weeks and you had a fairly small number of overall reviews. The first thing I would suggest is to get rid of the odd gig images that don’t fit what you sell, and make your profile picture into something professional. I could offer more suggestions, but if you are out the door, I don’t want to waste too much time. Sorry about your difficulties but I think you could do more to repair your image on Fiverr.


I have sympathy for you manyglyphs. I agree with fonthaunt about the gig graphics you have not being about your gigs. It looks like a gimmick to have all pictures of pretty girls on your gigs. I think if you started by getting some different graphics you would have gigs that would be taken seriously by some interested buyers.

Don’t mistake my joking around as a lack of sympathy for you.

If you haven’t gotten any orders in six months it seems like you could try some different images, descriptions, ask for help on the forum or try some different things that may work for you.


Uhhh, so, I’m a TRS…for now.
Does that make me a sadistic person who enjoys watching people suffer?? I hope not.

I agree with what other people are saying about your gig images.
The girls are pretty and nice to look at, but some buyers would intentionally
avoid gigs with such images.