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March 15th Evaluation

Will the next Evaluation start on March 15th or it will end on 15th March? Bug at all?

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It says ‘ends on March 15th’ - not sure what’s unclear as it’s from now until then?


It means from now on to 15th March, the evaluation would be continued?

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Not sure I understand your question.

The evaluation happens every 30 days.

So from now till the 15th you need to work on any metrics that you are failing at.


Yes, evaluation takes place on every 15th but not from 15th to 15th.

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tomayto, tomahto.

It’s periodic.

You are always under evaluation. You can either get demoted or promoted automatically every month on the 15th.


Yeah, I think its that way.

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Hi every one hope you are fine…:neutral_face:

Actually can someone tell me what is Evolution…???
Before a few days I got TOS warning from fiverr now i have lost my 30 Days trial.I am level one Seller on’s can see attach.So can some one tell me that is it lost of my level one…??? because next Evolution is coming soon 15th March…
I ma soo Worried…:disappointed_relieved::pensive:


There is a seller evaluation on 15th of March - it happens every month. If you’ve had a TOS warning on your account (which it looks like from your screenshot) you may drop down a level - to new seller. If you ensure you follow the Terms of Service (TOS) and don’t get any more warnings, you will move back up again during the April evaluation (assuming you meet the other requirements)


Thank’s for response… :innocent:

By the way, i got only one warning… So can i lost my level…? :confused:

Yes, you can lose your level because of one warning.

If you get 3 warnings, you will lose your account, too, so try not to break the rules again.


Ohhhh Nooooooooooooo :cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat:

Buy the way, thanks “catwriyer”