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March big big sale

Big Big sale for those need
App reskin
App character
app 2d/3d character plus sprite
character animation
sprite animation
2d/3d cartoon

50% OFF

Sale end April 1
Use Coupon code:
click here:




Your link is going to the payment page instead of your gig.


secret number 1:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Apparently, this tactic doesn’t phase the OP. :small_red_triangle_down:

Adding the direct url to your Fiverr gig is more appropriate. Yanno, to at least give potential buyers a chance to see if they want to order your service or not. Sending them to the payment page is a turn-off!!!


and apparently, you are wrong…
that link is set…by amount and by date to complete the order
buyer just need to send the information…

why would i post my gig? doesn’t make sense…
i’m not targeting a view.

I would agree with @nikavoice here. Your custom offer is not detailed enough to close the deal. If I’m a buyer who doesn’t know anything about your service and I have never seen your portfolio, then there’s no way I would pay $70 for it. (These images here are not enough)

It’s great to see that you’re embracing the new Anywhere feature, but personally I think you haven’t really thought this through.

Let us know how your campaign goes :wink:


it’s not

success and it is not failure

he contacted me without gig link
ask a question
a quation
a price for the whole game
he agree to add 30 dollar
and that’s it

So the buyer contacted you before making the purchase?