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Mark all notification as read

Hi Fiverr staff,

Just a suggestion, can the sites feature a button to mark all the unread notification as read? It’s quite a hassle to click every single of them to make them as read. Maybe it doesn’t really affect the experience, but the small red dot on the notification can be quite a bothering. It will really help to alert sellers in there’s a new notification (once all the notification is read, the small red dot will be more significant on alerting the new notification).



Yes I agree with you.

Lets do a poll:

  • I want Mark All As Read option
  • I don’t want Mark All as Read option

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Yes, I want this so much! I have 46 unread notifications and 70 unread messages. Most of them are just “Thanks for the offer, but it is too high for me.” I read them on my smartwatch anyway, so I don’t want to have to read them again on the site itself.

As long as there’s also a second-step confirm, yes.