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Mark as late even I delivered my work less than 1 day

I received an order, after submitting a sample file for collaboration the client didn’t respond. Almost 1 day waiting him for collaboration but he didn’t online. To avoid late, I delivered the files.
After checking the status I found out it was marked late. So sad

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You always have to deliver files via “deliver” button before the irder deadline


Please Make Sure You Delivered order Files on “Deliver Order” button on Order Page. if Yes then You can Contact With CS. definitely they Will Help you Regarding This.

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yes, I did that but still marked as late.

What happen if the order marked as late? It is cancelled or refunded? I’m newbie here registered last February this year. And I have already 6 successful orders.

:woman_facepalming: Obviously late is not a synonym to cancel or refunded.
It will be cancelled and refunded when it will be written there “cancelled or refunded”.

Then you should read fiver help page, fiverr TOS and watch free online course on fiverr learn on how to be a great seller and how to use this platform.

Fiverr put a lot of effort into explaining how things work so you’d better use those resources.


Maybe I clicked the “Deliver Again” button after the time ended. It is possible?