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Mark74 is our newest Fiverr Super Seller!


Congratulations to our latest Super Seller Mark74!

He shows us how adding a video to his Gig page increased his sales.

Read more about it on the Fiverr Blog.


:slight_smile: Yeah Nice addition to a small club.


great work, Mark! fiverr is like a drug to me these days:)


lovin’ the green and red tights. WTG!


Reply to @oldbittygrandma: Thanks, this reward is really important to me!!


Reply to @anarchofighter: “nice addition to a small club”… do I really deserve this nice reward? I’m really speachless, it’s a so big surprise for me!!!


Reply to @madmoo: Thanks madmoo, it’s a pleasure being here and receiving many compliments from a lot of mates!! I am just a guy doing something he likes… and in this crisis period I’m too lucky!!


Reply to @arnevb: Special thanks to the mate who designed this cartoon just for my reward!! It’s wonderful!


Reply to @marieknight: a superhero with so many muscles… but I’m just a poor developer :smiley:


Congratz!! I’m a developer, But Web Developer :wink:

Greetings! Elitetraffic.




Congratulations! :slight_smile:





GRATS MARK! I hope to be as awesome as you someday~


Congrats, Marco!


Congrats!! Well deserved.


Congratulations mate :slight_smile:


Congrts Mark,SarahWilson Coming soon xD




Congo boiii :smiley: