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Marked order complete without feedback

If any client marked order as complete without feedback, Can he leave a feedback later?


Yes - he can leave a feedback up to 10 days after the delivery.

I would NOT recommend to ask him.


A lot of buyers do this so you can get paid faster as a seller. They also have 10 days to place their feedback. Maybe your buyer just doesn’t have time to check right now.


You’ve got two great answers from @antomtjvc and @donnovan86 .

I would go a step further though and explicitly say do not contact your buyer asking for feedback.

The forum is full of posts form sellers who’ve had account warnings for asking for feedback.


Thank you so much for your kind information.

Thanks a lot for the information.

Also bear in mind that some buyers don’t want anyone to know they use fiverr, so will never leave a review … and there are some gigs that buyers appreciate, but don’t leave reviews for. One of my most popular gigs has exactly 5 reviews, but more than twice that number of orders.

It happens. Don’t worry about it. Just move on …