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Market Dynamic! Seniors please give your input!


Being new on fiverr, what will you recommend?

1)selling at bit low rates, get the order, get reviews and increase the rates when reach 100+ reviews?

2)sell at market price, wait for orders, sell less, but sell at good price?


I would personally choose (1), which is actually how I and most sellers have started on Fiverr in the first place, since everything was at $5 and no option to increase prices.

Selling at higher prices and waiting for orders isn’t a good option, because why would a buyer choose a newbie with high prices in favor of a seller with lots of reviews and proven results and sometimes even at less expensive prices? Not to mention that “waiting” can result in years of waiting without buyers, as I’ve witnessed on the forum. Just my thoughts.

However, you could try selling at higher prices and trying to market/promote yourself and get clients to hire you via Fiverr, which would make your reviews (or lack thereof) less relevant. For example, you might have your own website where you direct potential buyers to your Fiverr gigs.


Sell at market rates which reflect what you are capable of with a bit knocked off because it’s Fiverr.

If I could go back in time, I’d have myself arrested for flogging gigs super cheap in order to get reviews.

  • Super cheap gigs often attract super cheap buyers with super big expectations
  • Super cheap gigs often attract higher ratios of scammers. (Buyers who will force you to refund them after delivery)
  • Cumulative effects of the above can lead to burnout and Fiverr becoming the center of your world (for all the wrong reasons) when you should ideally be experimenting with several freelance platforms

Pricing gigs at rock bottom prices did used to be a good Fiverr startup strategy. Now, though, it is just asking for trouble. The best thing new sellers can do is:

  • Search Fiverr meticulously for top-selling gigs in their niche
  • Replicate the presentation style of those gigs (But do not copy them)
  • Invest in creating gig videos/cover images which match/exceed the quality of existing top seller gigs
  • Keep the Fiverr app open whenever they are online and respond to messages instantly and super professionally
  • Create several gigs in different niches

If after 2-weeks to a month the above strategy doesn’t seem to be working, don’t lower prices. Instead, create lower-priced versions of gigs.

Of course, it all depends on what you do. I would definitely start off with mid-range to higher prices if I could start all over again, though.


You have 38 reviews and 7 orders in the queue.

Keep the gig that you have right now and create a new one offering a superior service at a higher price range.
Once your premium service picks up the volume you can slowly fade out the old gig or increase its price as well.


I am using your No.2 plan since I started working on fiverr an I am doing good


comprehensive answer thank you!


super amazing, well explained!

@uxreview thank you soo much, this is the best suggestion i could have. thank you again

@jdpremium if this is working for you, that amazing, keep it up. wish you all the best.

@cyaxrex soo true that lower rate gig , bring cheap sellers having big expectations. soo try , out of 49 orders i have got 2 cancelled due to this. but i noticed one thing that 4-5 times i was successful in converting customer with $5 order, into $10-$15-$20 , more often some times this happend that my gig was not performing that much good, but this lower rates order kept me to just move on, and keep rotating in circle (market) .