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Marketers here? I'm down for a collab

Hi everyone,
I thought about a possible collab.
With my gig ( I’m managing trading accounts of my clients, making them earn money in the stock market.
I’m searching someone to manage all the marketing stuff to promote the gig outside of Fiverr, such as social media, blogs,ecc.

You charge $50 for a package and you have 3 reviews. You couldn’t even pay yourself to do this, let alone pay a marketer who can’t get you sales on social. Not how it works.

It sounds like you want to hire someone to spam for you and you think that will get you sales.

As you know the point of investment is to get a return. You won’t. Why hire a marketer if you don’t understand what getting sales from marketing entails and what qualifies a company for this effort?


with 3 sales in the first 30 days I got 200$.
I don’t think that’s a bad start.
About the marketing, I don’t want anybody to spam me. I was asking this because I really don’t know nothing about marketing, so I thought it can be a good way if I split the work with someone who can do this. Just this.
I don’t have bad intentions as you said, I really care about giving the best service possible.
About the pricing, most of the buyer requests has been about the 165$ package. Even if I only have 3 reviews, I haven’t seen anybody giving the same service

If you don’t know anything about marketing you can’t get a return on hiring a marketer. You can’t even project a return or create a profitable scope of work.

No, 3 sales is not an indication that this is a wise move. 100 sales in 3 days wouldn’t be either. New sellers tend to get a bump in the rankings. It doesn’t mean you are on the right track.

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Sharing off Fiverr contact details is against the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.

Check this out: Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks! You have been really useful to me :slight_smile:

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I didn’t mean to share the contact details

How would you pay someone the percentage you mentioned without sharing contact details.

That is what I was referring to in my reply.

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Thank you. And you can’t prove to a marketer that you are paying them appropriately and the marketer can’t analyze if they are getting a return if they can’t look at the data/back end.

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I am new here, there are a lot things I don’t know yet.
I apologize for this
Thanks to all helping me

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That’s the thing. It isn’t specific to Fiverr. What I said would apply to any place.

Hi :wave:

I’m a social media advertiser going on 7 years. Honestly, organic marketing is going to be difficult in the marketplace right now since Facebook, Insta and most social advertising platforms are losing a big chunk of ad revenue. So what that means if you choose to work on those social sites, your best bet is to invest in paid advertising.

If you go on the marketing route you can find social influencers to collab with, but those peeps require payment usually. You can try posting on forums, but that can get tricky, you will have to read the policies for those sites. You can also start a blog but it could take years to see a return. Stock trading or bitcoin promotions are not my speciality but thought to bring some perspective from an advertising/marketing point of view.

Thanks a lot for your help :grin: I appreciate it

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You’re most welcome. :v: