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Marketing and promoting my Gigs

I am quite new to Fiverr and didn’t got a single sell on my gigs the first week and a half. Are there web sites where i can promote my gigs? The Buyers request area is completely empty aswell. Any tips for a new Translator on Fiver?


40$ for translating 500 words in 6 days?

I have a one year experience of tutoring students in the English language.


P.s.: You used the same Gig Picture twice. Not allowed.

Oh - this one is also nice:

  • I will give advice on all aspects of life
  • But I Will NOT tell you exactly what to do

you can share your gigs to social media @kevinfuchtmann

What a great, nice, for comming advice…

You are welcome!

Ok - i got my sarcasm,

  1. Your prices are to high. (For the beginning) Try first to get some orders, afterwards you can evaluate new prices.
  2. Find a better niche. There are like 3 Billions of Translator on Fiverr. Maybe you could combine your German Skill with your location in Thailand? Or something totally different.
  3. I like the Postcard Gig.
  4. Your delivery Time is to high.

Fiverr is a tough market place. You don’t get anything free here.

Find a niche, adapt yourself. In the beginning you will write low hourly rates. From about 100 orders and 50-70 reviews it will be better.

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I already readuced the price and delivery time by alot and increased the word count. And deleted on translating gig. So thanks again for a rather nice response then a hurting one

Look at my attachment. Tell me, why exactly should someone order from you?

Because I am awesome. No seriously I get what you are saying. Thats why I am asking for any advice to get myself out there. If i am atleast trying in such a big market it’s better then doing nothing and just waiting

Have you ever tried to write your entire gig in German?

You stand out from the crowd.
You immediately prove that you are a native German.

The “I will” remains however. In the title. But that’s not so bad. That’s how I drew attention to myself at the beginning.


I don’t know if this works. It was just an idea that worked for me.

Many people also try German search terms in the search bar;)

I did not. But I will definitely try it. I never considered just changing the language in the gig as “standing out of the crowd” and I am afraid the non german speakers don’t understand it and therefor not buy. I think having multiple translating gig (one german one English) would be a bad idea. Since i recently heard having the same gigs is counterproductive

“Gig descriptions in English are mandatory. You can use additional languages as long as all the information is also available in English.”

The above is from here:


You shouldn’t have the same gigs more than once.

But I’m thinking about specialization.

You only speak to people who do not speak English.

Also works perfectly with the new website.

There are people like that in my niche too. Also works:

Mod Note: Gig link removed.

As is above from Loyd mentioned. Also write in English.

I didn’t know that - Thanks Loyd!

But there is nothing wrong with writing the SEO tags in German?

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Okay. Then that is what I will do. Thanks alot

Thanks alot. You are a great help

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just do proper SEO on gigs and give catchy title to your gig, same problem with everyone buy requests are not shown. :green_heart:


Because of people like you I am about to leave the forum.

Edit: And you like this post? Ok - Fine…

what happen brother?

I am out!!!


Dude. What happend? Whats wrong?