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Marketing: I finally got around to it!

Luckily, Fiverr’s search is still treating me pretty nicely, but ever since they made those drastic changes over the summer (which unfortunately brought down a few Level 2/Top Rated Sellers), I’ve decided I need to put effort into marketing so, just in case Fiverr does another overhaul, I’ll have alternative sources for clients.

Last week, I paid $20 to post a classified ad on a business/SEO forum. So far, no sales have resulted (that I know of), but I have been contacted about my writing and editing services since then, both directly and through Fiverr.

I’m still learning…
One thing I’ve learned so far is to use a trackable link. Even though I knew how to do this, for some reason, I chose not to. A few people have started their message with “I saw your post on [so and so]…” but there’s a chance I’ve talked to other people who saw the ad and didn’t mention where they came from.

So, the lesson of the day for me: When advertising, take five seconds so you have a way to track the results :blush:


How long will your ad stay there for $20?

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This particular site uses a weekly schedule.


Nice one I am happy to hear this

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