Marketing on fiverr


Well before I start, let me just tell who I am. I’m a small time entrepreneur and a student. The sole reason why I’m on fiverr is to save money for my future ventures. I’m just trying all the ways to save money. what I have

Noticed is that sellers here are not using the most obvious tool here on fiverr as a marketing strategies. The tool is customer “support”. When a buyer approaches you, deliver more than what’s necessary. I’m not talking in terms of services,but about knowledge. Share what you know about the department. Engage in conversation, and most importantly take a part of the conversation to the comments section delivering your service.(when replying to your customers review) This gives an impression to your potential customer that you’re very friendly,engaging and broad minded and not focussed only on the business. dont just reply with the usual THUMBS UP OR AWESOME BUYER sentence, instead take a jist of your conversation with your buyer and use it here and wish then luck or compliment them. This way, you may also get a returning customer and When you empathize with a potential buyer at this point, they will feel safe to order your gig. From here on the customer is all yours. I’m just a newbie to fiverr, but still couldnt resist sharing this. I hope this was helpful


very helpful indeed pls keep it up and bring to our knowledge what we need to explore here.


That is a great point that I don’t think is realized enough. Many sellers are so focused on the business that they don’t interact with their buyers enough. I will utilize this with my gigs for sure.