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Marketing "personas" and have you defined them for your business

I’ve started learning some marketing stuff from 0, and almost every course starts with defining the marketing “personas”.

I am curious if anyone uses them for fiverr (or outside) and if that exercise had positive impact for your sales?

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I have used this outside of Fiverr.

I’ve technically created a persona for some of my Fiverr gigs, but I’m still working on the marketing strategy, so I haven’t implemented the Fiverr persona target, yet.

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Of course, that’s the base and that helps you to understand your target audience better and who will buy from you. And once you define that you’ll be able to define where to finde them and target them.


Yes, I did my research looking to define the personas as best as possible before setting up most of my gigs.

The basic principles of marketing still apply on Fiverr, the main difference for me being how the funnel works.

But the more time you spend identifying your audience and their budget, the more successful you will be on Fiverr. (At least from a conversion standpoint)


Hello, I’m not sure what is meant by “personas”. Are you talking about the demographics of your target market? Such things as age, income, spending habits, locality?

I actually don’t have any idea of the exact demographics of my clients. I would need to do a survey of them asking them those questions. And since this is a worldwide market it’s going to be varied. This is a shotgun approach where we, instead of purchasing advertising in media catering to our target market, is open to anyone of any age income or other characteristics.

I know I have all ages, all localities in the world and all income brackets as clients.

The overwhelming majority of my clients are in the U.S. and most are well educated with expendable income as far as I can tell. I am guessing at least 75% fall into this category.

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Absolutely! This will help you down the road as you build your business and assess where your “bread and butter” gigs are. Similar businesses will be looking for gigs that fit their needs, and if you have good reviews in that area, you’ll get more orders. Then you can build up a bigger, more satisfied clientele and not risk getting lesser reviews by delivering gigs for things that aren’t an area of strength for you.

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@imagination7413 @frank_d @mariashtelle1 @misscrystal thanks for your inputs.

Yes. Its basically creating one imaginary persona or several that represent your core customers. You need to get way into details, like really giving them a name, age, interests, fears, needs etc. Everything that can help you better understand them.

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Thanks for explaining that. We have such a limited space to write our gig descriptions. Even so a creative excellent writer can probably find ways to address some of those things.

I think everybody can if you take the time to do it. It may be worth going back to the basics from time to time like “who is my customer, am I delivering what they want, what can I improve…etc”. I don’t know, for me it doesn’t come natural, but it should be good to do that exercise every few months.

The first few episodes of this mini-series are good, but this one is particularly relevant.

(Example case study is of low-fare airlines.)