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Marketing Tactics for NEW Sellers


Hello! I would like to share some of my best marketing tactics with you guys! I’m still new of Fiverr, but I’m already over 60 orders in about one month! I know there are tons of new sellers and this is a good starter pack!

Okay, so here they are:

  1. ALWAYS exceed expectations: the thought, it’s just $5, I can deliver mediocre work won’t get you anywhere, I have recurring customers that are loyal because I ALWAYS try my best to provide great services.

  2. Install the Fiverr app in your phone: answering to inbox messages as soon as they come is super important. Not all messages convert in sales, but some of them do, so stay close to your inbox!

  3. Set realistic delivery times: I know it could be tempting to set a 24 hour delivery, but what if 10 orders come at once?? You have to prepare for that, late orders are NOT good for your profile.

  4. Think big: I know it’s a little slow at the beginning but it will come around, so set times for your Fiverr work… I work in Fiverr orders from 9AM to 2PM for example, even if you don’t have orders yet, make sure to know when they come, how will you manage them.

  5. Creative jobs: Is not the same doing a mechanic job than creative job, if you’re in the second category you NEED to be inspired to do it, so make sure you are. Clients are expecting great things from you, deliver great things!

  6. Become friends with your clients: I mean, you have a unique opportunity to meet people from all around the world!! Use it!

  7. Think about the Fiverr community needs: There’s also a potential market within us Fiverr providers. I for example do Stop Motion, what about providing stop motion services for gigs? I’m sure you have plenty of skills I don’t have that could make my gigs better!! Offer them!!

  8. Cross-Sells: I have clients that order explainers or corporate videos from me, okay so that means they have a business, so maybe some of my other gigs could interest them. Contact them and offer them those gigs, please DON’T spam, only do it with gigs that you feel could bring value to their businesses!

  9. Have fun! Fiverr is about earning money doing things you truly love, and that’s the main different attribute this community offers. Is not the same doing something because you HAVE to than because you WANT to!! The deliverables are going to be better!! :wink:

I really hope this post helps some new members as myself!!! I would LOVE to hear some tips from the most experienced members!! And if you have any other tip, or disagree with some of mine PLEASE do let me know! I would love to learn from you!

Thank you guys!!! Keep on fiverring :wink:


Excellent advice! One of the best I have seen here.


Thank you, Jey!


Good advice!


Good!!! :slight_smile:


good advice there. but the problem for 99% of the new sellers is " how to get their first sale " … that is what most people do not know, please share your knowledge for that topic too :slight_smile:
good work, keep it up


Thank you!!!




Yeah, I don’t think there’s a a+b=c method for that though! In my case happened because I had a seasonal Valentine’s gig. So being close to Valentine’s day things worked out!


Congrats to you.


Thank you!


I am new to Fiver. I’ve been trying to follow all the good advise around to make my gigs attractive to the potential clients but still I am a unable to get any orders even the impressions on my gigs are not very impressive can you please check my gig and suggest some tips:


Great post!

I have a #10 to add.

I saw some advice awhile ago and it was this:

Always leave a good review for the buyer, and in the review leave a keyword to help your gig get searched. I’ve followed that advice from the beginning. For example, I format books for Kindle, so after a buyer leaves me a review, I say something like “It was a pleasure formatting your book for Kindle, great buyer, nice person, etc etc.”

I think there must be something to it because I started 10 months ago but have taken time off, about 3 months total in various times since then, so in 7 months have had 253 orders with an average selling price of $33, and I’m turning down jobs because I get more than I can handle. Yeah I’m not getting rich, but my prices go up once a month or so. Plus my gig is Featured right now and has been for a couple weeks I think, and I get 15k-25k impressions every month.

So I think the reviews/keyword thing might have some truth to it.


To get the first sale you can troll the “Buyer Request” section and promise to deliver a high quality job for very little money. Just explain that you’re new and simply want a good review. A buyer will eventually bite.

The price of my gig was $10 when I started, now it is $40.


Amazing idea!!


Wow, never thought of that! Good one!


A great way to get your first sell is to post your gigs in Improve my gig and ask people any way you can improve them and be nice and thankful for them taking their time to do so because someone might be nice enough to give you your first sell to get you going :slight_smile: This happened to me and it was awesome! :smiley: Community is super freakin nice and helpful here! :slight_smile:

Also take advantage of the buyer requests. That is how I got my second sale :slight_smile:

I am still new and not getting much sales but another good advice is to stay positive and like you said to have fun :smiley:

Great post btw :slight_smile:


Really good advice! Thanks


Great advice although I am reading this late. Interesting