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Marketing Your Fiverr Services Via Twitter

I’m sure most sellers here are on twitter and have probably tried marketing their gigs via twitter. How has your experience of marketing your gigs via twitter been, compared to other sites?


You get low results. In 2 years I’ve got one sale via Twitter (with daily promotion).

I’m not sure I want to promote my Gig via twitter as I charge a minimum of £195 per month (about $295) for a service they could buy for $5 per day via Fiverr as virtually all my full price clients follow my Twtter account!

Exactly, 20% is a big chunk but fair when they are providing the customers. Otherwise it’s an insult.

tweeting your gig link does nothing. :frowning:

twitter does nothing!!!

Think about it…who follows you on twitter, your friends right? Do you want to be spamming your friends all the time with your gigs? most of the time your friends are not your customers anyway.

Reply to @ditsoppc: Exactly! I don’t see why anyone would want to promote their gig outside of Fiverr and drive traffic to their gig here. Part of the reason I pay Fiverr 20% is because they (used to, not so much lately) bring traffic to my gig. What are they bringing to the table if you have to drive your own traffic? They take over 20%, you are not allowed to build your own list from your clients (just mentioning the full word eeamailllist gave me a fraglesrock that I had to go back and edit), you’re limited with communication, etc. The whole point of offering services for a lower price and giving Fiverr such a huge cut was the traffic and volume they provide, but it’s been super slow lately.

Reply to @whitehatseo10: which one works best for you?

Reply to @whitehatseo10:

Reply to @silberma1976: I agree with that

Reply to @logo_desing: what works best for you.?

Reply to @who2host: I think for some people that do not have their own freelancing business and only work on Fiverr then it might be different. But yes, for most people that have a business that charges more on the outside, I don’t know why you would wan to do it. However, there are many top sellers that use the platform well and get paid way more than $5 for their gigs.

Reply to @sincere18: I agree, It is surely something to think about