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Great write-up. Some questions for you, and these are ones that I myself also struggle to understand and correctly execute:

  • How do sellers communicate value to buyers?
  • How do buyers perceive value?
  • How can sellers increase their buyers’ perception of value?

The way I’ve been approaching these questions has been to try and see myself through the eyes of my buyers and to write for their perspective, not mine. For MANY professionals who have to sell their products, programs, or services, the #1 challenge which must be overcome in order for anything else to happen in the sales process is to establish value. If the salesperson can’t establish value, then nothing else matters because the buyer will never pay for the offered product, program, or service.

A friend who talks business with me on occasion asked me such a question - How do you establish value? - and to be honest I had a hard time answering because I thought I had it all nailed down. I mut be doing something right because my sales are quite good, but pressed to say exactly what I was doing, it was difficult to say so with precision.

So, as another entry in the UPYOUR series, would you be interested in discussing how sellers can communicate value? Surely this is a lot to do with offering products, programs, and services that align with buyer’s needs and desires, but how can sellers make the best presentation in the limited space available to help buyers perceive value?


These are excellent questions and ones which are often not answered. Often the advice sellers get is “focus on quality/value” etc but without anything specific. The thing is, value is extremely subjective and the perception of value is different for different people. Even when it comes to the same service, what we do for one client may have no value (or even be negative) to another.

I think in a sense, this is the answer to why you are doing well - [quote=“jamesbulls, post:22, topic:133753”]
try and see myself through the eyes of my buyers and to write for their perspective, not mine

Asking yourself what a buyer needs, wants and values is an important part of the process. Some value lots of communication whereas others value the ability of a seller to just take instructions and then deliver the goods. Polar opposites in terms of how you approach them but equally valid.

I could write a lot about this off the top of my head but I think it would be a valuable addition to the series so I will work on a proper post in the coming days.


That can be used to better address the kind of buyers the seller wants to work with, I guess (if the seller prefers to attract a certain type of buyers). Someone who wants to discuss everything before the order is placed can emphasize the communication, while someone who prefers the buyer to just place the order can emphasize his/her ability to take the instructions and deliver.


That is exactly it.
Some need some hand holding or friendliness, others just want to order and get on with life.
Literally happened in the past 2 days:
One client who sent me a one sentence inquiry, I sent them back a large answer. The next response was send me an offer for the Premium gig.
Another client, he and I are at the point where we are sharing videos of our fave places for holidaying in our country is. He is in the US, I am here and he is loving the communication - I am too actually - but there is no way I am going to send a video to the first client!
Both bought the premium gig and both have been extremely happy with the service with ongoing potential!

Different strokes for different folks.


Can anyone share their experience with paid ads? Which has been the most effective?


This has been really helpful. For my niche in transcription and subtitling of videos, what better way would be to market my skill. I can’t pay for ads because I’m in a country where foreign transactions are difficult and I just joined twitter and Instagram yesterday. How would I be able to get clients outside Fiverr for my niche without passing for a scam? I anticipate replies. Thank you.


Thanks ssj1236 for your advice, that too is an important idea


Hi Bro , Please I wanna Do Advertise for My gig But i didn’t know the right way for doing it . so please what’s this method you just said in the comment . sorry i didn’t understood it well .


It is very helpful for me as a new seller .


thats so helpful .tnx buddy


So, I finally just did it like Nika Nike! :stuck_out_tongue:
A few of my clients address me by Nike. :smile:

I followed quite a few of your tips. I decided to give (Advertising) a mini test run and looks like it’s working. Just wanted to let you know! Thank You! :slightly_smiling_face: If you’re a seller try these tips you may or may not see immediate results but it’s worth a try.


Are you running paid ads?
Can you please share some experience with the ad platforms?


Very useful tips for everyone. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


Very Good Suggestion! Thank you very much share this!


Doing marketing continuesly and result is that,impression, click and views increasing rapidly.But there is no order! Last night,one of my gig clicks more than 80+ still no order!


What kind of marketing are you doing?


social media marketing.Twitter, instagram and linkedin


I see. Are the people you are connected to on those social media sites also your target customers – are those the people that need the services you offer on Fiverr? Or are you just connected to your friends, and you hope those friends will buy from you?

Your friends are not your target customers. This might be why you are not gaining any sales. You need to be promoting your services to the people who need them. Those people are not on your social media accounts.


excellent tips and tricks, many many thanks


Kindly explain to me how I can do client based advertising