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Marketing Yourself - Just Do It - Here's How - UPYOUR


$4,000 ?
Wow, it’s amazing! :star_struck:


Its really a great tips and I try to apply it.

How to marketing my gigs?
What is the best effective way to gig marketing?

Thank you for the information. I have been guilty of relying solely on fivver and have only gotten one gig in a couple of months. This is great information!


which social area we should advertise our gigs…will you tell me some of media name


This is something you need to figure out for yourself or hire someone to research it for you. What might be good for me might be worthless for you. You need to find what platforms the type of people who might need your services use.


don,t you have any idea about that?


I’m sure @eoinfinnegan has lots of good ideas about it as he wrote the initial post in this thread. :wink:

I’m also sure that if you part with some money like he suggested, you could pay somebody for more specific idea.


ok then see you later


Well you see, the first problem is that any time someone says a platform has helped them, that platform gets filled with spam by desperate sellers.

For example, it seems that when someone links to a Fiverr gig in an answer on Quora, that answer now gets flagged and deleted automatically. I found this out while linking to the Rob Janoff gig in an answer I gave recently. I learned that there was a similar problem with Reddit recently too.

The second thing is, the platforms I get sales through will not work for you - you sell different services and have a whole different way of doing business than I do.

What it sounds like you are looking for is somewhere to promote yourself for free without making any effort or paying any money.
That place does not exist.


i got it bro.thanks for your advice


Thank you for the information.


Thank you for information


thank you for you valuable tips :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


good tips and nice replys


Nice tips but i think it really hard to get the first client :pensive: