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Marking order as complete

Today for the first time since Fiverr stopped marking orders complete automatically I had a buyer not marking the order completed and nowhere it gives me the option to do so myself.

This is what I see

How should I go about marking this order complete?

Thank you

I wish I knew the answer. I was delighted before with how each order was so promptly marked as complete by buyers as apparently they got a message to click on saying they did get the delivery, which made it complete.

Now suddenly no orders are being marked as complete. I’m confused about how this new system works so far. It should become more clear as time goes on.

If anyone has a screenshot of what buyers now see when an order is delivered it would be appreciated.

This morning I got an absolutely panic revision request from a buyer and that has never happened to me before. I need to know what has caused this kind of reaction so I can explain things. I’m not sure if it’s what the buyer saw that caused the panic or what exactly, but this is a first.


Very Sad. It is very disappointed that after completed the orders if buyer ask for a revision. Hope fiverr will either update their system or continue with old system what was suitable & user friendly.

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I believe they are working one it as we speak, I still got one of my order marked as complete yesterday, the marked the order complete before giving the feedback. I guess most buyer don’t know how to go about this.