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Marking orders as completed?

When Fiverr automatically marks orders as completed after 3 days, is this 3 days after you deliver, or 3 days after the due date? I delivered a few order 5 days ago and they haven’t been marked as completed. Has anyone else experienced this?

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One sec… :-?

I actually got a message from one of the buyers saying great job, and then I told this person I would appreciate a positive review and they said sure I’ll do that. It’s so frustrating.

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Responding and posting a review: Once work is delivered, the buyer has three days to respond and post a review (or 14 days for Gigs with shipping). If no response is provided within the response time, the order will be considered completed. Most likely what happened, Holly, is that the buyer had every intention to leave a positive review but, the response time ran out on them.

I don’t think so because this person just marked it as completed right now but didn’t leave a review. UGH. I guess I have to let this one go but it’s just so irritating.

Nope they didn’t. Fiverr is making up lies about buyers. The buyer is not marking it as complete at that time. The system is. When I pointed out this LIE, others here commented that it wasn’t technically a lie. How so? Fiverr says the buyer is doing something they are not. Not true. And just awkward.

Something has changed. A buyer placed 3 orders hours apart, I delivered hours apart, and yet they were marked as completed at the same time. No review.

Maybe it would be usefull if a buyer helps us out by uploading a screenshot of what they see when they click on a delivery. :slight_smile:

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The Fiverr system is marking them as complete and stating that the buyer did so. Simply not true. The orders are marked as complete in 3 days if the buyer does nothing. Then the 14-day clearance period starts. The buyer could also “mark as complete” by leaving a review before those 3 days are up. However, the terminology the buyer sees is just to leave a rating/review. Fiverr is very inconsistent in their terminology.

When the seller delivers, the buyer sees the order “marked as complete”. When the buyer leaves a rating/review, the seller sees the order “marked as complete”. When the 3 days pass after delivery without any input from the buyer, the system claims erroneously to the seller that the buyer “marked (the order) as complete”. So marking as complete is known as 2 different things depending on who’s doing an action, none of which is actually called “marking as complete”. Confused yet? :stuck_out_tongue:

It takes about 72 hours to mark as complete but the system is not perfect with the timing.

Reply to @ynneblack: yes! The modification would show up as the buyer REJECTING the order. What terrible wording! They didn’t reject it, they just need something changed. It definitely needs to be more friendly :slight_smile:

I have no idea why they cannot get their terminology straight. You have sellers asking “why didn’t the buyer mark the order as complete?” Because there is no such button to click on. And since buyers are not forced to rate you, they have no indication that rating helps to move the payment along. So, leaving a rating/review = marking as complete = starting 14-day clearance period. They all mean the same thing yet are completely unknown to the buyer.

@hollywrites basically once I delivered the orders, I will wait for 1-2 days and if the buyers did not response, I will PM them and the same time ask for a review. Maybe they are busy, but most of the time they did give reviews if the work done is up to their expectation.

Reply to @cheezees: What I don’t like about this is that buyer and seller see different things! For buyer, he sees it complete, and seller has to wait, possibly even without review. And in other situation, when buyer after delivery clicks on “request modification” or something like that, for seller it basically says the buyer refused the delivery. It should be more friendly and clear towards both sides :c

Reply to @vince007: You should include something about leaving a review in your delivery message. That way you don’t have to contact them later, awkwardly asking for one. Especially if the buyer was not completely satisfied and preferred not to leave review instead of leaving a bad one. There are buyers, who out of spite, would leave bad feedback because they feel you are bothering them. It happens. :slight_smile:

sucks on me too. i finished an order and the buyer left me a review. but still my order stated as delivered. not completed. :disappointed_relieved: i cannot leave a review for buyer. This is custom order. on buyers end order stated as completed. :no_mouth:

It should be marked as completed after you deliver the files but I guess the customer will still able to cancel and write a review.

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i delivered a order three days ago its not yet marked as completed. anyone know how much more time it needs?

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