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Marking orders as delivered (for updates or infos but without actual delivery)

Hey there,

what happened to me three times in a row now (as a client) is that a seller “delivered” the order when he (or she) was just presenting an update or asking for additional information.

I have no idea if that’s common practice, but I think it leaves the client in a bad position: a) because the delivery gets “auto-accepted” after three days, b) because I might have to request a revision (which I might need later on on the real delivery) and c) because I feel it’s plain wrong and is a misuse of the Fiverr system.

What do you think about such a practice ?
I would like to hear your thoughts on this!

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It’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service, and sellers who repeatedly do it get banned.

Report them to Customer Support, unless it looks like it was an honest mistake (for example, the seller is new, still doesn’t know how Fiverr works, and accidentally delivered when all they wanted was to ask you something).


Deliveries should only be for completed work. It’s a big green button on our screen.

If it’s a potential final product, even if you get revisions, then it’s possible the deliver button should be used.

Even if the timer runs out and your gig is auto-completed, if you need revisions use the conversation area to contact the seller, request your revisions as needed until you’re satisfied with the project. Then leave a review.

If the seller refuses to work with you, and you’re not being unreasonably demanding beyond the scope of the original order, then that’s a problem either for customer service, or a bad review.

A good seller will work with you whether the gig auto-completed or not.