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Maryham new seller

hi everybody,
my name is maryham I’m a new freelancer and i’m trying to promote my gig on facebook but uptill now , i didn’t get an order yet . may be because I work as a typist and there are lots of professional sellers in this field .but honestly i’m a hardworking person and offer a good service with suitable price in my gig how can I convince buyers to work with me :thinking:

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Marketing your gig not only facebook share it every social media to collect more clicks, to come to your gig at first page you need more click and you have to be online always this will help you to get fast order @maryhamkamal

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I just start to share it on G+ , youtube and pinterest . i wish this makes different result :crossed_fingers:

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Here’s my advice. See half-end of my post :grin:

thanks for advice :face_with_raised_eyebrow: