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Mass Email Feature


I think there should be a mass email feature for previous buyers of our

gigs. Obviously this can be abused but I am quite sure theres ways to

implement security features to make it work.

We all lose money because it sucks when we cant build a proper relationship

with our buyers. Its like a 1 hit and leave type system you guys got here.

This feature should allow us to mass mail a certain amount or atleast

have a feature that alerts all buyers directly to there fiverr email that we

created a new gig


I like the idea. Right now I just go through my inbox and write my buyers indivisually.


Yes, I need to be able to let my buyers know my status. At the moment I need to mail each one individually and sometimes the server is really slow so it takes an age.


Possibly creating a list of contacts in Fiverr’s website and sending internal message on Fiverr’s end would be a good idea.


but it will look spammy

our suggestion…

fiverr open ads box on every mail they sent to all members



A mass email feature is going to help a lot the spammers i think! Its a good idea but you know how it works a lot of people are going to use it for spamming.