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Mass Requests for "Auditions" with the Same Scripts

I am a voiceover artist and I have had a very confusing situation. Over the last few days I have had around 20 different buyers use the exact same text to ask for an audition, some of which have the same script.
Already this is a little annoying since I have plenty of samples on my fiverr gig page, but I don’t mind giving samples if there is obviously a larger project involved (eg, a book) and I can just add a vocal “watermark” on the sample that says “SAMPLE” every minute so they can’t use it for anything. But it’s becoming clear that this isn’t necessarily the case, and it’s just strange that there are 20 people using the same verbatim introduction, some are giving me the same scripts as others, over all I’d say there’s around 6 different scripts, so this is obviously not their work they are asking me to “Audition”.
Does anyone know what this is? I’m trying to call them out as nicely as possible but they are avoiding the questions, and technically I can’t see what the scam would be to call them out on.
The first time I got the same script I thought it was the same person with a different account and I asked them if they had already messaged me and they didn’t answer, and then when I asked if they still wanted the sample they answered just yes, so I sent it. Then the first person asked me where the sample was I explained that I thought that the second person was them and asked why they have the same script and asked if they had the copyright to it, and all they said was that it must be a coicidence and if I needed another script. which was obviously a very suspicious answer, but I can’t fathom what it is that this is getting for them, and if this is a scam it’s a huge waste of my time and work.
It’s getting very frustrating as I don’t want to accidentally accuse a genuine buyer of trying to scam me and after the first 15 they changed their introduction and had a new script, which I found out because then the next 5 buyers then had the same introduction and the same script. Please let me know what this is if you know, if it’s a scam or not, or even a better way of handling it so I don’t scare away potential buyers.

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Do not work for any of these people. They have no intention of paying you a cent.


I agree, it really does seem that way! But I’m having trouble calling them out on it because I don’t know what they’re doing this for. Because they can’t use what I’ve given them for anything and why are there 20 of them? they have been messaging me almost every 4 hours for 2 days. All new users. And I can’t report them because it’s not one person and they’re aren’t technically asking for anything wrong

You are probably best trebling your prices (at least temporarily). That should scare them off. However, by the sounds of it, this is one person messing with you. Just report anyone using the same script to message you who you have never worked with previously as a spammer.


I suggest politely telling them that, since you charge just $5 for 200 words, you’re unable to offer free custom samples, but that they’d be welcome to place a test order to see if you’d be a good fit for their project.

You can even save it as a quick response, so it takes you less time to deal with them.


I would report this to CS. But if you feel compelled to answer, create a canned response. “Thank you for your interest in my voiceover gig. I have samples for your perusal on my gig page. Please have a look and order when ready.” (Or something similar).

That’s it. Don’t entertain this sort of thing outside of that. They’ll just keep bugging you.


Thanks guys-- this is all good advice. I hope I can stop them from contacting me. It’s starting to really wear me I just want to sell my services and I feel like I bend over backwards to make sure people really like what I give them and it seems like someone is harassing me for absolutely no reason.

Have you searched the internet for the script? This kind of reminds me back in the day, when the government would publish a call for tenders and I would get dozens of the exact same quotation requests (as in the same format, fonts, everything - just with a different letterhead). Maybe some large company / organization is looking to hire someone to provide the voiceover for a large project and specifically asked to receive that script to assess possible candidates. The ones contacting you may be middlemen looking to land the contract at a markup.

Of course, it may be a scam, but in that case I don’t know what the scam would be… I would expect the sample scripts to be different parts of a single, larger script if that were the case. :thinking:


Hi! I did do some searching and it looks like they are from the titles on ACX who are currently holding auditions. One of the now around 30 buyers who have contacted me explained that exact scenario-- they are looking to have me “hire them” to send auditions to ACX. He said it was technically legal but I contacted the rights holders on ACX and one got back to me and said they never gave anyone the right to distribute their audition script past ACX. Some over fiverr have lied and said they owned the rights and when I asked if they could simply send me a message back through ACX to confirm that they said they did, and didn’t and then just tried to coerce me to send it anyways. One commented on my picture which made me feel uncomfortable and if this was just one incident it would be fine but I have been contacted once or twice every few hours for three days and I am worried I might turn away a genuine customer with the rights to their book thinking it’s whoever seems to be harassing me.

Oh gosh-- I got that through email and I thought you were customer service! I didn’t mean to complain so much, I hope something can be done about it-- other than blocking them and reporting them. Thanks for your insight!

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I getting whispers that these guys take the ACX legit audition and trick freelance to do audition. They actually really hope you unknowingly get chosen on ACX. Then they become middleman. They’d charge legit ACX client one fee and tell the actual narrator from Fiverr a different fee and they’d keep the difference. Thus they make legit money and do nothing

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