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Massage isn't seen in inbox


I am sending messages my client. but ,I cannot see them in inbox. Why is the problem happening ? Any Help to get rid of this problem ?
We were talking about their current project that he/she wanted to design by me.
Thanks in advance!

Fiverr message system sucks!
Fiverr message system issue!


Do no worry i assume it is a temporary bug.

I am also suffering the same issue, If i send a message to anyone it appears to send but if i refresh the webpage then it is not sent, and the message is unread!


This is happening to me too. A client had just sent me a message and I have to reply back to them. It is a very time sensitive issue. I am doomed! :crying_cat_face:


I’m sorry to hear this!

Make a request with CS and notify them of this bug!


Facing the same problem!


felling a bit relax hearing this a temporary bug. Hope it will be fixed soon. thank you.



This issue is now RESOLVED for me…


Yep. I can confirm that, too. I’m glad Fiverr was able to get it sorted out so quickly. :heart_eyes_cat:


I’m still on that problem :pensive:


Resolved Now ! Thanks !