Massage seen suggestions


There should be “SEEN” option is Fiverr like Facebook. Buyer is not replying from the last 2 Years.


If you click on the contact me button on a seller’s page, it lets you know if the seller is online, or when the last time was that they were online. :slight_smile:


I also know it, but if buyers ignore our masseges or not replying then what should we do?


I think if he hasn’t replied to you for 2 years, and he has been online, than perhaps he doesn’t want to speak to you?


Question #1 Are you still awaiting instructions for an order?


Question #2 The buyer sent you a query, you replied back and still waiting on his/her response?

2-Years is a long time for you to be waiting. What am I missing here?


Why do you want to contact a buyer from 2 years ago anyway?