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Massage system error

a buyer messaged me at 23.46 at my time. From that time i am trying to replay to the buy from my mobile app and as well as from the web, But the massage system is not working. I tried many times but the system is showing some message like “Something went wrong. Try refreshing the page.” … In this particular time, i tested your massage system with other buyers and its was working fine… I think It is only not working for this particular buyer


I am also facing the same problem for 20 minutes now… Fiver please help

Same for me…

You’re not alone, I’m having the same message. I just hope they get it fixed soon!

@mjensen415 Please help

Something went wrong. Try refreshing the page.

Well it looks like I got it too.

SAME HERE! I have tried to send messages through PC and mobile App but neither of them is working!
Fiverr needs to solve this bug as soon as possible or not the respected new buyers will think that we’re not responsive even when we’re online! :frowning:

Same problem I face also.

2 hours later and its still not fixed

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Same Problem Here also

i’m unable to deliver the order to my buyer right now :frowning:

Same thing here :worried:

They are fixing this problem . Hope it will be fixed soon .

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I’m facing the same problem from two different clients who contacted me. Hope they fix it soon.

3 hours and nothing…

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