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Massive Amounts of Spam | How to Deal

Hi! I’m a relatively new seller here and have been a little frustrated by the amount of SPAM emails I’m receiving to my inbox. Initially, I was ignoring them, which negatively affected my response rate. I’ve since discovered the SPAM button to report, but just in the past day, I’ve received at least 5 messages.

It’s disconcerting as I’m excited to be of service to those that would benefit from my products, and every single time it’s some dude in China requesting remote access to my computer with promises of paying me a whopping $50/month for the privilege. Yeah, hard pass on that one. :roll_eyes:

Is there any way to combat this, or is this a site-wide problem I’m just now becoming familiar with?

Would appreciate any advice from more seasoned users!

User: bluewavepro

@bluewavepro we all get those spam emails constantly, just report them as spam and block them, fiverr will take care of the rest. :v:


Good to know! And thanks for the help.

Yeah, the spam directed at new sellers is annoying. While those ones are more apparent in their attempts, some scammers are a bit more sneaky. Here’s a pair of threads that discus both the annoying and the subtle:

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This was really helpful! Thanks for the info. :+1:

Annoying isn’t it?

If you want to save time responding to this (just in case it affects your response rate), you can make an autoreply and just use that for the spammers and respond to them with the auto responder all at one time.

That way it’s just a couple of clicks per spammer and no typing. Will save you time.