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Massive drop in sales

Hello doers,

I’m having a hard time understanding what’s happening with my gig. I was receiving constant 20ish orders/day, but 2 weeks ago I started to receive 1-2 orders a day and had days with no sales at all. I’m on the front page under High Rating category too.

Changed my tags, changed my gig thumbnail, offering more for $5, so I can stop dropping in rank, but with no success, yet and I’m a bit scared about it. I see people around me with 80 orders in queue, but I also see with few orders too.

I’m curious if anyone else is having a massive drop in sales.

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Yes, I also facing same problem, from last 2 weeks order has dropped.

Check your competition. Look at their reviews. You can count the number of reviews over the last 2 weeks. 60% of their customers probably review, like your do. So you can almost double the number of reviews to estimate the number of orders that they received. This will let you know if your sales are dropping or if there is a drop in the market as a whole. It looks like you will be here 1 year in October so you haven’t experienced what an August-September should look like.

You may want to jot down what the impressions are for each month. This will give you an indication of how the search traffic is changing. Especially if you are ranking on page 1 alot.

It took me about a year and a half to find gigs that had repeat orders. That has made a big difference for me. Now about 90% of my orders are from repeat customers, so I am not dependent on the search results for their orders.


Thank you for your answer! I did take a look at my competition and everyone seems to have more orders than me, that’s why I’m concerned, because it doesn’t seem to be just a bad period of time for everyone.

These days low sales… not in Fiverr. In local sales too. Will be alright from next month. But keep posting your gig on Facebook and Twitter :blush:

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This is the best answer for you

As I said, the other sellers are getting a higher number of sales.

If your competition’s sales are not slowing down, you may want to closely compare your offer to your competition and make sure you stack up.

You also can count the previous month’s reviews on a competitor’s gig to measure if they have also slowed down.

Good Luck!


They should be sales in Fiverr many years. So they have repeated customers