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MASSIVE Order Drop


I’ve been selling on Fiverr actively for about 9-10 months now. First few months were low, but things picked up and I was turning about $500 a month without a problem, up till last month. Last month, things unexpectedly dropped. Impressions dropped, views, clicks, and orders all fell, leaving me with 60% of what I’d made the month before. And that wasn’t the end of it. Early this month things were looking ok, had a dozen or so orders roll in the first week or so, and since then I’ve gotten a grand total of 2 more. So far this month I’ve gotten 20% of what I made in, say, April, and things aren’t looking up. I’ve gotten one message in the last 5 days, and no orders in almost a week now. I find this rather odd, that after 5 months of consistent sales I’d lose all of my orders within 6 weeks. What has changed?


i’ll tell you why no sales.

people are tired of sellers that barely understand and have no respect for buyers. the word goes around and honest sellers such has everyone in this page suffer from it.

good ones pay for others bull, AGAIN!


Reply to @inspiredtony:

Obviously, this is important to you. You’re losing Fiverr traffic and making less money. I think the response you got back from Fiverr CS would be adequate in a FAQ’s section posted on the site. But it’s not a good or thoughtful response for someone that has taken the time to navigate the contact system to inquire. I think they should have looked at your account and told you what the problem is. Not to be negative, but my impression of their customer service isn’t very high. I will tell you, I did notice something (and I only scanned your first two gigs- the Adsense and Clickbank). The exact same descriptions (with a similar user name) are on a competing clone type site. I would imagine if I continued checking your gigs I would find more that are “not unique on Fiverr.” If you want to get in search, or get higher, you may have to jump through the hoops, going through each point they made, making sure you’re compliant. No judgment one way or the other, just saying.


Welcome to the part pal. I’ve been here 5 years. My total sales this month: $40.


Reply to @vaughnonmovies: my oh my $40 for TRS? this is really a source of concern…


I too have had a significant drop in the last 10 days. Quite concerning particularly vaughn’s lack of sales.


Yeah… I went from 15ish orders a day to 1 or none. I’m starting to get worried!


I thought I was the only one on here experiencing this no sales for a week, wow!


Reply to @adnagam: To see only one order in your queue of your featured gig definitely is a sign that something is wrong… It’s very quiet on Fiverr right now and CS is giving absolutely no one any security or peace of mind that anything is different…


This is a site wide issue…


I only came to the forum to see if people have the same issue with oder drop that I have. The worst part is that scammers and thiefs are promoted by top search results and if you have honest gigs and try hard yourself to provide something good to the fiverr community you are sinked down by technical issues :confused:


Reply to @diablofredd:

I definitely think that may be part of it, as the site grows there’s a larger population of people just in it for the money not for actually supplying worthwhile gigs. I have two negative reviews (both of which were left by accident, according the the people who left them, but were then unable to change them in time), and 268 positive reviews (4-5 stars), so I hopefully don’t fall in that category, but… who knows, things aren’t looking good.


Reply to @diablofredd: You have a point. In the writing category nowadays, 80% of writers seem to be called JulieContents from America, yet speak in barely legible English. Of course the “articles” they dump out are awful, as the whole gig is built upon a lie.

Fall for that a couple of times and you’ll certainly think twice about returning to Fiverr. I know $5 isn’t much, but it’s the deceit that annoys people. I cringe at seeing these gigs swamp my category.


This is exactly what has happened to me the past week. I generally average 1-2 a day and have only had 1 order in a week. My gig stats have dropped, it is so strange. I normally get a lot of messages and even that has been empty. What gives??


Suffering from the same trauma. Suddenly the sales drop despite of high quality work. Don’t know what to do :frowning:


contacted customer care yesterday and this was i got…i guess its an automated message


Reply to @dtongsports: I just wonder… WHO is getting all of these sales then?


I had my most orders last week, 7 orders at one time… Now Im gettin 3 views a day, even when updating my metadata and tags and everything, seems like they having some trouble, lets hope they fix it soon, just kinda glad it wasnt my fault, was starting to freak out haha.


My own personal view is there have been far too many changes lately and for me simple always works, why change something if it is not broken?


Reply to @typingservice: which competing clone site is that? how did you come about that scan i’d like to know…so that i can make corrections. i never thought of that really!!