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Massive Order Rate Drop In The Past 2 Weeks

Hey everyone,

Has anyone else experienced massive drops in the amount of orders they have gotten in the past 2 weeks? I went from getting 20+ orders per. week to 10 per. week instantly.

I’m also noticing my gigs have been in the same position in the Fiverr search results for the past 2 weeks. My gig’s positions used to change every single day.

ALSO, I’m noticing no changes in review amounts on other people’s gigs. I don’t see how it’s possible for nobody to get any reviews on their gigs in 2 weeks.

Was there an update to the website around the middle of March that I missed? This is really strange.

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You should promote your gig

Am having the same issue, I too have made a forum post hoping someone can put some light on the situation. But my issues are a bit technical too I think as updated gigs are still showing old prices and titles under my profile and in search results. A new gig with video wasn’t processed in 48 hrs and I have contacted the CS and haven’t received any response not even an acknowledgement.

Seems like they’re having caching issues perhaps with the recent updates they have done to the website. It’s a shame stuff like this happens every time the perform a website update.

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I get an average of 20+ sales a week at $10 per. gig minimum price. I don’t need any gig promotion services on social media like you’re advertising. What I need is Fiverr to sort out their website quicker after they perform an update to their website.

It’s very bazaar. Hopefully it’s sorted before we lose more money!

same issue not getting orders from last 12 days!

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Technically, Daniel, you’re not losing money if you never had that money to begin with. :wink:

i get order but not like 2 weeks ago don’t know why gig go down :frowning:

My concern is my newly created gigs have views and impressions. Donno why that happened. Also see price of my best selling gig from outside then inside.