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Has anyone ever tried to partner up, like say I’m am editor who gets a lot of people also looking for a book cover. I would send all of my clients to a really good designer and she or he would send all of me anyone working on a book who needed editing. If you have done so, how has that worked for you?

Can u please do me that favour? i am at level 3 and have suddenly stopped to receive order. I am very much reliant on my fiverr profile for financial constraint. Can you please help? I have worked for the same job for DRSC publishers for a very long time on an other freelancing site.

First of all… there isn’t a level 3… level 2 is the highest besides featured Fiverr picks. Are you saying you are an editor? That wouldn’t work, I’m an editor :slight_smile:

@ladybug8 I have worked with other Fiverr sellers that way. I’m pretty careful who I choose since I either have my buyer go directly to them and I vouch for them, or I outsource work to someone and I buy their gigs myself. I would only do that with someone you’ve gotten to know and demonstrates great work. So far almost everyone I’ve worked with have been people I met on the forum. It has worked out fairly well for me in most cases.

I’ve also done work for other sellers who have an overload of work and they outsource to me. If I send a buyer to someone I don’t know because they need something I don’t offer, I tell the buyer that I haven’t seen anything but their portfolio and reviews and that I can’t vouch for them. I think it can work, but you can run into trouble really fast if you aren’t picky about your choices.

Choose someone that has great communication skills in a language you are fluent in and maybe buy a gig or two from them to see how their work looks. There could be miscommunication or you could end up in a disagreement with another seller who isn’t mature about conflict. If another seller gets upset with you for some reason that could turn into a big mess.

@cloudyweb One reason you might be running into a slowdown is your percentage of positive reviews. Once it goes below 95% buyers tend to get much more nervous. You may have to really increase the value you offer and decrease prices for a while to rebuild your reputation. Maybe you can try other skillsets. Take care about relying on Fiverr as your sole income too. Anything can happen so if you can do other things alongside you will be more secure.