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Mature & Violent Content

I’m just asking this mostly as a safety precaution, but what are Fiverr’s rules on selling mature content. By this, I don’t necessarily mean anything pornographic or ■■■■■■ (I’ve read Fiverr’s terms of services), but I’m mostly talking about blood and gore. Does anyone have any experience providing and selling this kind of material? If it’s not prohibited, of course.

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You could contact CS to ask what is/isn’t allowed. They’ve approved buyer requests that ask for a “blood” effect to be added but is that “violent” or and/or not allowed by the terms of service or could it be?

Maybe they should be clearer in the terms of service and/or filter the buyer requests better.


I see. They simple said they prohibit “adult” content. I’m not exactly sure what that entails…

By “adult” content I’m sure they are referring to pornographic content. It would depend on the gore, I would think. I would contact customer support and ask them. Better than taking a chance.

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Don’t do anything even it’s allowed, if in the future when your famous it might embarrass you or your relatives if it were brought up.
That’s how I look at it. :hugs:


I think the risk for you would be that Fiverr most likely wouldn’t rank this well because it doesnt reflect their image and they wouldn’t want to risk offending people.


But this is why I do everything I do!

In answer to the OP’s question, I guess this depends on the service you offer. You could probably get away with creative writing. Video… Er…Maybe not.

Incidentally, all my creative writing is explicitly violent and repugnantly gore-ish. I don’t offer creative writing on Fiverr. However, if I did, I would advertise it as such.

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I reached out to CS. They got back to me fairly quickly. Although the message didn’t explicitly mention gore, the rep that reached out to me basically reiterated what was already stated in the Terms of Service, so I guess that’s a no.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I had a prospective buyer reach out to me requesting a story with gore, and I decided to reach out before agreeing to the buyer’s request.

I’d reply and ask them to be more specific in their answer. Specifically ask about blood and gore and not about Adult topics.
Blood and gore would not generally be labelled adult so I would really want them to be specific about it.

It sounds like another “don’t do anything whatsoever to do with academic work or you will be banned and then dragged through the streets while the baying crowd screams shame! Ok, seeing as you have now asked specifically about proofreading a thesis we can tell you that is ok


I’ve done voice overs for horror games that ended up with world wide release (with blood thirsty narratives). Even ended up being in my live portfolio for a while. Would seem the Fiverr gold standard is what you sell not what you do.

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Take the job. Fiverr can’t possibly have a rule against literary horror gore. If they did, they would be saying to the next Stephen King or even Game of Thrones screen writer “don’t come here.”

Fiverr CS has just been lazy and not responded to your question like a human instead of like a robot.

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