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Max limit to wait for orders to come?

Hey guys!
I’m Gauri, Could you please tell me that how long should I wait for orders to come?

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There is no maximum time to wait, just like there’s no minimum time to wait. You’re not guaranteed orders, you have to earn them. Your journey will be different, depending on what you’re offering, and what you’re doing to get your offer in front of the right people.

Back in the day, we got our first order within 24 hours… But I know some people have waited days, weeks, even months to get off the starting block. Everyone is different.

What are you doing to improve your chances of making a sale?


cubittaudio has responded well.

Thanks @cubittaudio :slightly_smiling_face:

sir I send many buyer requests but I am not receiving any. I created account and it’s been one month.

Can you share a few things one can do to improve the odds?

The max limit is when you stop putting your efforts.