Maximimum Withdrawal Limit?/Didn't Receive All My Funds


I had funds to withdraw today, which I did. Only half of it showed up in my PayPal. I clicked it again & it said I had reached the max. I’ve had funds show up more than once during the day & been able to cash out. Is this a new thing? What about the part that didn’t credit to my PayPal? That last little bit would have covered the rest of our rent. I could contact support, but, they may not respond in time before the rent is due. Which is on Wed, though, we were going to get the MO for it tomorrow.

ETA: I receive that message when I click on the confirmation email


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Thousands?! I wish I was earning that type of money. It was a small amount. Still, it covered the rest of our rent. We started rooming with a couple of ladies three months ago (which is better than our situation for the 15 months prior) & we’re starting to reestablish ourselves. We don’t want to slide back. We’ve had friends & family help in the past, but, they have their own struggles.


are you Paypal verified because if you are not your limit is 500 total on Paypal until your add a bank account


Reply to @superwesley: I’ve been verified for several years. Even if I wasn’t, I didn’t earn enough this month to reach the limit. Thanks. I did send a message to support.


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Reply to @vedmak: Would the glitch also explain why I didn’t receive the full amount? I keep track of what I’m suppose to receive, in any given month & that last bit would have been the rest of what I’d be getting for April.


@curvalicious Could you tell us more or less how much you tried to withdraw? I am used to withdraw several hundreds at once with no problems at all. I think I withdrew 1,000 once, but these days I do it when I reach $200 or something like that.

I withdrew around $200 a few days back with no problems at all. If you tried to withdraw less than that and it failed, then it is a bug for sure.

Please Let Us Know.


Reply to @s_sayan: It was $32. It’s still showing as available to withdraw, even though, I was sent half. When you’re depending on every cent & something goes wrong, it’s especially nerve wracking.


Well, sorry about that. At least we now know it is in fact a bug, and not a daily limit. I hope Customer Support gets to you very soon. This week I contacted them and they replied in less than 12 hours. :slight_smile:

Best Of Luck.


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Reply to @s_sayan: It’s Sun, but, maybe the good Fiverr faeries will be fluttering about. :slight_smile: I do keep track of everything I’m earning each month, so, I should be getting that last bit. The past several weeks have been slow here. For me, anyway. I’ve had to focus my attention on other freelance work I do. I keep tweaking my gigs to see if I can lure in new buyers. Some of my projects, for long term clients, are coming to an end & they currently don’t have anything more.


Take it up to the CEO like I did Fragglesrock

We need Fiverr 2.0 sooner than ever.


I received a response. From what they said, the $16 I had withdrawn yesterday hadn’t cleared yet & was still showing on my earnings page. So, I did receive the amount I was suppose to today. Which was, $16. However, as I mentioned, depending on every cent, I keep close track of what I should be getting & there is still $16 unaccounted for. This was just based on my calculations yesterday.


Seems odd I withdrew the other day just fine. Did you give Customer Support the heads up ?


@curvalicious The system is slow sometimes. Sometimes orders that are supposed to be available a certain day, are available the next day instead.

A little trick is to go to the ‘‘revenues’’ page, then hit the bottom of the page and click next. Do that until you are in page 9 or 10. The value it shows in page 9 or 10, is the real amount you have available to withdraw at the moment.

This is a really weird trick but it works. I think is because the first revenue page is not updated instantly, but instead older pages get updated first. :wink:

Best Of Luck.


Reply to @s_sayan: There isn’t anything else showing as available for this month. Yet, I counted my earnings (for April), several times through out the month & I’m still short. This is beyond frustrating. It’s not much, but, it’s for our rent, so, means a lot.


today i have transferred $150 and it worked fine for me.

i don’t think it’s really worth transferring less than $50, as paypal charges you $1 whether you transfer $50 or $250


I had a message about the maximum withdrawal limit earlier this week when I tried to withdraw and clicked on the email, as you describe. I wondered if it was an aftereffect of the withdrawal system being worked on recently. For me, I had to wait and not try withdrawing for a day, and then I was able to get the funds transferred the following day.

This is the first time such a thing has happened to me–generally, whenever I have a balance that’s ready to withdraw from fiverr, I’ve had no problem.

I also was withdrawing a small amount. The money I get from fiverr definitely helps me out with bills and such, but I never depend on it as I don’t make a huge amount here, my sales are up and down from month to month, and also I find that funds can be a day or two slow in clearing.


Reply to @great_teacher: Depends on if you set your PayPal for the “micropayments” option or not. This can be a cool option for people who regularly transfer small amounts.