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Maximizing withdrawals

I used to withdraw after every $100 and then I realized basically no matter how large the sum was, it was the same fee for PayPal for anything $100 and larger. When do you withdraw - a certain date, or a certain amount?

When I need the cash :slight_smile: LOL except you can only withdraw once every 24 hours so I wait until I have enough to do me for at least that amount of time :slight_smile:

Personally, I like to withdraw after every large order clears. I think it’s bad to leave large sums of money in your Fiverr account, particularly if you absolutely need it for something (like rent).

Imagine that suddenly you were unable to access Fiverr – your internet is down for a week or more, or something similar. It would be irksome to KNOW that you have $300+ dollars in your account but be unable to access it.

Find your number – how much are you willing to part with if something were to go wrong? That’s when I’d withdraw.

Yes, Paypal charges always the same amount – $1 – per withdraw, so you can consider that too… but I’d rather have $49 than zero, should I lose internet or such.

Luckily I don’t need it so bad, thus I wait normally until a larger sum clears. This also depends on if I want to buy something I want to have. If I see that a larger sum is clearing next week e.g. I will wait with my purchase.

I wait until I have over $100 usually and then withdraw soon unless I plan to buy gigs. I like to keep my PayPal fees to a minimum so I don’t usually withdraw small amounts. I don’t like to let too much build up in my Fiverr account either in case something goes wrong.

I also like to keep large amount of money on the fiverr account…withdraw when its 100$ or above…

sometimes i withdraw 4 dollars lolz

I generally withdraw by the 25th of each month. (Unless I have less than $100) That way I have the amount in my bank by the end of the month. Since I also have a full time job, I can get both the ‘salaries’ by the end of the month. Helps for calculations and planning.

And yeah. It isn’t wise to keep too much cash lying around in the Fiverr account.

I generally pull out around the 26th of each month. Takes 3-4 days through Payoneer to be deposited directly into my bank account, which I have automatic payments for all my major bills on the 3rd of each month. Whatever is left over from there goes into savings on the 15th.

Other than clicking on the Payoneer button at the end of each month I really only need to check my bank account once a week. It’s kind of a nice little system.

We make use of payoneer account and it’s really cool.

We withdraw when necessary to cater for specific projects.

It’s not a $1 flat charge, it’s 2% of your withdrawal, capped at $1. So basically, withdraw when you have $50+ so you aren’t losing more money on transaction fees. I personally wait until about $200-500 before I withdraw.