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Maximum 7 gig alert while having 3!

Hey there!
I was going to create a new gig, when the alert “You can create a maximum of 7 Gigs” occurred. But I only have 3 Gigs. I can’t understand this, can you explain Please? :disappointed_relieved:

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I think you have four Gigs paused.

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Thanks, gotcha… Actually due to resolution my gig options hide behind the White Bar, so I missed it :sweat_smile:


Hey, i have same issues but i cant solve it. where its hiding ?
any help ?

Make sure your desktop resolution is high enough (>1024x768, maybe at least 1920x1080) to see all the options.

Even though the level help says differently, Fiverr seems to take draft gigs and paused gigs into account as well as active gigs, at least for level 0 sellers when deciding whether you can create a new gig.