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Maximum days to complete your gig


How does fiverr calculate delivery time? If I set “Maximum days to complete” to 2 days, is it 48h period? Or if someone order on Wednesday at 23:59 I need to complete it before Friday at 00:00?

Someone ordered my “2 days delivery” gig 3 hours ago and fiverr is telling me “You need to deliver your gig within 1 day (until March 08, 2013) to meet your deadline and get paid.” I am totally confused about this.

Also, I would very appreciate if someone could explain me what do time differences between buyer and me have to do with anything. How this affects my delivery time?


As far as I can tell, this is one of Fiverr’s many little glitches and quirks. If you look at the list of gigs you’ve sold, it should have the exact time of their order. You have 48 hours from that time.