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Maximum Number of Days for Buyers to Leave Reviews

I was wondering what is the Maximum Number of Days for Buyers to Leave Reviews. Can a buyer come back in 3 months to leave a rating for a work delivered 3 months ago? Wouldn’t he have forgotten the impression you gave him at the time and how the work went down.

I was thinking that may be Fiverr can give Buyers 30 days to leave a review. If they fail to leave their ratings within this timeframe, the rating will be considered positive by Fiverr and added to the sellers overall ratings.

What do you think?


Unless I make wrong I am pretty sure the buyer only has 30 days. :slight_smile:


Maximum number of days are 30 to leave a review. yeah, I think it would be good if a positive review is left if some buyer does not leave a review within 30 days.


30 days to leave review, after leaving review buyers can change (modified) it with in 3 days.

Who told you that?

Only way I can change a review is if I don’t do the private feedback. Once I do both, it’s done, over, can’t change it regardless of how long it’s been.


Agreed that if the buyer is not posting reviews within 30 days we the sellers must recieve on behalf of over all reviews or last number of reviews(10,20 etc).

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I read somewhere on the forum that buyer can modify review, within 3 days. Thank you for correction :slight_smile:

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Yes, If buyer doesn’t review with in 30 days, automatic rating or review should be there.

It will be interesting if Fiverr does it that way because for now when a buyer does not give a review is counted negative - I could be corrected. Thanks.

If no one is posting the reviews how it will be count as a

You laugh! Anyway thanks. Just want to clarify that.

Something to keep in mind, that may or may not apply to your Gigs, is that some Gigs require time to appraise the work that was completed. I have purchased Gigs where 30 to 90 days of performance was paid for, only to have the Seller asking for a star rating minutes after the order was completed. In this case “completed” only meant they had initiated what needed to be done to get the ball rolling on the 30, 60, or 90 day project.

This is a case where I take the full 30 days to evaluate, as these Gigs tend to cost more, and if it is a scam, like MANY on Fiveer, others deserve to know, so they can avoid the Seller.

Buyers have 30 days after a gig is delivered in which to leave a review for the seller.

Gig length can only be 30 days max - anyone offering longer then this is breaking the ToS.


i think it’s better this way.

Please could you remove the link? Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Their delivery time is 7 days, which is within the ToS.

Why would anyone buy a service which takes 90 days but is delivered in 7 days anyway?

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Well, I think he’s talking about the resolution center?

The post you’re replying to is frrm over a year ago - things were different before - buyers could change feedback without the seller initiating it. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes. but know the seller has to approve.

When you check the link, the premium package says 3 months.

Yes, but the delivery time is 7 days, so within the ToS.

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