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Maximum Number of Gigs?

I have posted 07 gigs. If I want to add another gig. What is the method? Can I Delete a GIG and Add a New One?


Yes you could delete a gig then post a new one. You could try pausing one and then creating a new one but I don’t think it lets you (ideally it would since the help only talks about no. of active gigs). You could make a copy of your gig you want to delete (eg. copy the text of things into a document etc.) if you think you might want to re-add it in future.

Otherwise you’d need to wait until you’re a higher level (eg. level 1) where you can create more gigs.


Thankyou very much :heart::heart:

Are you new seller? then your limitation is 7. So when you want to add gig you must delete one. Thanks.

New seller can make and published 7 gig. If anyone want to change gig then have to delete one.

If you are new seller then your limitation is 7… If you want to add then you have to delete gig.