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Maximum of 7 gigs


Hey everyone. Basically, I only have 6 active gigs at the moment and no gigs in paused, denied, draft, requires modification or pending approval. When I go to create my 7th gig a message comes at the top of the page “You can create a maximum of 7 Gigs”.
Is there any reason for this, and how can I fix this so I can create my 7th gig?
Thanks in advance!


I’ve seen this happen to others. You have to contact Fiverr support and explain exactly what you just said here. I hope you get this matter resolved soon :slight_smile:


Your gigs> drafts / gigs> denied is saved in any of these two. delete it and try again.


Okay I’ll do that, thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


I looked in both and picked the ‘last 6 months’ filter and there’s nothing in there :confused:


You can use this link and choose the Account Support as the subject.