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Maximum time Online on Fiverr to win the JOB?

Dear All friends,

  1. For Maximum time Online on Fiverr what you do (navigate pages ?)
  2. is if you are online on Fiverr Forum in consider = ONLINE on fiverr site?
  3. Frequently refreshing the Gig is OK ?
  4. or any others pls suggest ?

Please share your experience for all 4 points… please

Thank you,


Staying online all the time doesn’t help.

Stop trying to overcome the system. Create better gigs and provide value with your offers. That’s how you get sales.

  1. in my opinion , always online does help you getting order. I think buyer would be more interested in contacting seller who is online.
    you can set your profile to online by navigating through Fiverr app, on the profile tab
  2. of course it doesn’t, by setting your profile to online, you can tell your buyer that you are online (see no.1 )
  3. I think is OK, I don’t think it will be needed though. once a day is enough for me

hope it helps, thanks

  1. Always online doesn’t help to get orders. Besides, you have a life and you should eat/rest, see family or whatever you want to do.
    You can check out this video made by another user, it’s very helpful: Top 5 Fiverr Myths - Debunked!

  2. You can use the Forum to find suggestions, tips and informations about freelancing. It isn’t necessary to be here 24/7.

  3. Does “frequently refresh the gig” means editing your own gigs? If yes, then no, edit them only if needed.

  4. Use your time wisely: browse the forum and learn from others. You can check out interesting threads like
    Are you a new seller? This is how you get more orders:


Ok thank you for your advice :pray: :pray:

Can we please stop perpetuating this ridiculous notion that being online 24/7 is a good thing.

It’s not. It’s highly damaging for many reasons.

No human being is capable of functioning 24/7. We need sleep.

By using page refreshers etc to give the impression that you are active is fraudulent. You will be tricking potential buyers into contacting you.

If a potential buyer does contact you when you are asleep, then you will find your response rate will drop - meaning that over time your stat will fall so low that some people won’t even bother contacting you. Thus, you will destroy your own business.

What happens if someone orders a gig based on thinking you are online and active, but they require revisions? There could be a massive time gap between their request and you seeing it. This delay is guaranteed to annoy any client - potentially leading to poor feedback, that again could destroy your business.

But most important of all, you will destroy your own mental and physical health by trying to operate 24/7.

People, please stop trying to trick others into buying from you. It’s not fair. It’s not nice. It’s not good business practice. And ultimately it will be you who loses anyway.


It’s cheating the system, that’s what it is. Why would you use a system to lie to potential customers that you are online when you aren’t?

when any customers message me or order my gig, Instantly I see it and i reply answer. Because i all time active in Fiverr site uses my mobile when i go to outside. after when i back my house i stop this auto refresh system. so my another method refresh system not cheating

With respect, you’ve been on the site for well over a year, and you have 2 reviews. You’re not exactly a shining example of your method being a successful one.

I’d encourage any other members reading this thread to remember that point, when wondering whether this ‘tactic’ is a good one or not. Notice that everyone recommending “stay online 24/7” usually has zero, or hardly any reviews. And notice that all of the experienced members, with significant histories and visible success here on Fiverr, are telling you this tactic is a load of rubbish.

It’s up to you who you choose to follow.


If you use this during the night when you are sleeping and people believe you are online, that’s cheating.

If you use it when you go outside and you’re not working on Fiverr, that means you’re still cheating, because you are not working either.

As everyone said, staying online doesn’t make a difference.

Staying online 24/7 is practically impossible. Some Fiverr sellers use auto refresher to remain online virtually 24/7. This system also creates problem when the buyer messages a seller finding him/her online but don’t receive immediate response.

  1. Absolutely not. I am online during my normal day in my timezone only. It is visible for everyone to see. If anyone wants to contact me outside of normal hours, they have to wait until I wake up and respond. If my gigs offer enough value, then they will wait until I am available. In my 4 years on fiverr and as a TRS, this has proven to be true for 90% of the cases.
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