Maximum Tip amount?


I just tried to tip a seller $50 for going above and beyond, but got an error message stating that the tip must fall into a certain range. I think it was $2 to $25. I can’t figure out why fiverr would place a limit on a tip amount. There must be a reason, and if you know, please share it with me. Thanks!


If there is a limit then i think you should tip the seller twice. If that’s is still not possible, then you can order a $25 gig from the seller.


tip depends on your total order price and you cannot pay more than your original order price like if you make an order of 25$ you cannot make tip more than 25$
if you make an order of 250$ in this case you cannot pay more than 250$ so tip amount will be between 2$ to 250$
that’s all


I’m not sure about that. That $25 tip was on a $10 order.


Today one of my said me that he couldn’t give me 40$. He always got error. So he contacted to cs and waiting reply. I’m not sure if this is a bug or there is a limit. Maybe it depends on order amount. Waiting reply from cs :slight_smile:


I think AsadKhalid is right, I have occasionally received tip equals actual order price but never received tip more than order’s actual amount.


I got a tip recently of 40$ there’s no limit on how much you can tip as long as it’s equal or under the total order price.

More info :


Maximum tip on orders of $25 or less is $25.

Maximum tip on orders over $25 is the cost of the gig.

Minimum tip allowed is $5 (nothing less, $2 tips are not allowed).


I got $100 tip the other day so pretty sure it’s because of the gig amount. The next time you can request gig extras from a seller and pass it off as a tip


$100 so far my maximum tip.


Thank you Jeanvictor. You have answered my question, and I feel a bit smarter now, thanks to you. Happy New Year everyone!


You can tell the seller to create a custom tip offer for that amount you want to tip the seller. That should solve it. Happy New Year in advance


I would be careful doing that, you might get caught breaking some TOS.

I guess now that I think about it, tips are also only 80% commission, so what difference would it make for Fiverr?


It’s not breaking any TOS as far as I know. Fiverr still takes fees from tips as regular. So they get the same payment.


But one of them is counting as a new order. Each order effects directly/inderctly your ranking, gig search result etc. This is the point.


Gig extra is a new order? It still gives one review or am I wrong?


Gig extra is not a new order. I mean if you send a new order as a tip.


No, not an order. I was referring to gig extra. Pretty sure I said gig extra


Yes I understand it but If you deliver an order and the buyer rate it, you cant send any gig extra. Even you can’t know if your buyer will leave you a tip without deliver your order. Thats why I point a new gig as a tip.


Okay. It would apply for buyers who know how the tipping system works. It would also help considerably if Fiverr allows buyer and seller the ability to extend the window to review a work. Three days to cover a full length novel may not be reasonable. Before you know it, the order is automatically marked before the client can get back to you. Although sellers are the ones who benefit from this.