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May 15th Poll - Shopping


Most of the participants here are sellers, this we know. But how many have used Fiverr to buy services for your business (or for personal use)?

  • I’m a seller only, never purchased anything
  • Tried it one time
  • Few purchases
  • Fairly active buyer
  • I’d say I’m more buyer than seller
  • Buyer only
  • Who am I, why am I even on this forum?

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I sell, I buy! :blush:


Great question, especially since I don’t think it’s ever been asked on the forum like this!


What I purchased before, Some failed to delivery regarding their gig requirement. When I asked them , to fulfilled order, they started argue with me. that I was wasting their time. :euro:

I am a seller, so , I know how to behave with another seller. But After that I felt , why buyer always complain about seller.

Most of the seller dont know how to behave with buyer . they are fully unprofessional . they always try to bad things. And when they find out I am a seller, my country , that time , their behavior totally changed…:rooster:

I dont want to say country name, But I really hate those seller. :cat:

Its really tough to find out a good seller .


Every progressive business needs the services of a fiverr seller every now and again. It is also good to see how other people operate.


Actually, im not satisfied with any purchase i have done.
thats why im not ordering in fiverr anymore.


I haven’t purchased anything so far as I didn’t need to. Eventually, I will be writing ebooks of my own, and when I do that, I will buy lots of gigs on Fiverr for ebook covers, formatting for Kindle and editing. I don’t know if ebook marketing gigs are allowed or not, if they are, I will buy them as well.


I have made two purchases and I have paid them the amount they asked for.


I did one purchase once and it was nothing less than great.


I just make purchases for now but I am indeed looking into what services I can provide this community


Purchased once and it was a horrible experience


So far I am only Seller :necktie: on Fiverr & made some Successful Sales.
I Recommend Fiverr as the best Service for Selling Services worldwide. :earth_asia: :earth_africa::earth_americas: & Work for yourself.


Can I change my vote? I, too, do not know who I am and am unsure of what I am doing on this forum


I agree! :heavy_check_mark: There are Kinds of Sellers, Prior Conversations Regarding work & Order, and asking for a Sample Minor Job will help in finding a Good Pro Seller.


This is unintended hilarious :slight_smile: