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May 1st Poll - Where you work


This week is a two part poll all about how and where you work. If you have a great workspace, share a photo with the group in comments!

Where do you do you usually work from?

  • Home
  • Coffee shop (Starbucks, local chain, another local business)
  • Shared work space (e.g. WeWork)
  • Stand alone office (an office separate from your home, that you own or rent)
  • Other (share in comments)

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What is the biggest factor in choosing where to work?

  • Cost
  • Convenience
  • Privacy
  • Networking/social opportunities
  • Lack of options

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Guys lets share the Photos of your Workplace


This is my working place in summer (I will start with the season this month…)

And this is my working place in winter (luckily not too often though…)


it was a nice poll, thanks


It really depends… Especially if I’m traveling my office :computer: :microphone2: could be at Home, Hotel room, Coffee shop etc… As long as there’s an electrical outlet :electric_plug: and wifi I’m good to go! :sunglasses:


I am a free Fall learner and like to work with my own and try to satisfy clients it doesn’t matter where is workplace home or outside . Though I am travel lover . Fiverr did my life easier ,


Have a nice creative month everyone! Interesting poll. I like how the results are visible.


Multiple answers would be a nice option because there are plenty of reasons why moving to a shared office might be a good idea. But costs (and the local places being dumb & pointless) are sort of prohibitive. Convenience is a very good but far from the only reason I work from home.

My workspace is somewhere in here:


At my sweet :mountain_railway: (rented) in front of my :computer:


I’m resetting my workstation, bringing new Furniture a table, system, and of course a cushy chair. will show a screenshot of it soon :smiley:


I could’ve sworn that those would’ve been the results - for some reason that I cannot think of right now, those results were actually rather obvious.


My work space is a Couch My laptop and Mouse(separate) :stuck_out_tongue: Actually I have a Nice Office Setup right in the corner of my room which I made for myself but, I sat there for once or twice i think :stuck_out_tongue: don’t really know why but, I am kinda attracted to savage ways :smiley:


Typically I work from my table, just need electricity, my WiFi and some real cool jazz music, that does the magic.



I work from my office and I have a team of people who are working for me. It’s great to work in group to fetch new idea from market and from other’s mind too. It will encourage us to work after look other people hard work.


Home sweet home, but in order to achieve euphoria, all I need is a fresh pair of underwear, a clean desk, and some jazz music playing in the background. :point_left:


I have always adored Studio Ghibli - how did I not know this existed? It’s Studio Ghibli for grown-ups! Thanks for the share!


Me in my office. With Fiverr Anywhere, anything is possible. :wink:


View from Writer99025’s Desk :sunglasses:


window :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Yeah, my house was designed by a very good architect; it is very brightly lit with natural sunlight, windows everywhere :slight_smile: